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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Using a professional wide-angle ‘real estate’ camera, a Janet Z Real Estate agent will take more than a dozen eye-catching color photos of your home that will be perfect for showcasing your home on the web. Too often, unprofessional online photos can make a featured home appear drab and lifeless. However, with Janet Z’s professional photography package, potential buyers won’t have to squint at their screens because the photos will be detailed, well lit, and will make potential buyers WANT to see your home. This unique custom photography package is not just for estates; it’s for every listing with Janet Z Real Estate.

The professionals at Janet Z will also give you staging advise by suggesting new ways to rearrange your décor to help potential buyers envision their new life in an attractive home.

Other benefits include:

  • Expertise as both seller’s and buyer’s agents
  • Credentials as certified real estate appraisers
  • Highlighted listing on line
  • Color promotional flyers
  • Appeal of the Janet Z Real Estate brand on line
  • Search optimized content
  • Advertising in local Style Magazine
  • Text ads on Google and its chosen affiliates
  • PR on national wire services
  • Fort Collins blog distributed via RSS feeds
  • Video home tours
  • Listings on Realtor.org

‘Corporate real estate agencies’ vs. Janet Z Real Estate
“Take a number.” That’s what you generally experience when you work with large corporate agencies. They don’t have time for you and that’s not Janet Z’s philosophy. When you make the decision to work with Janet Z they will support you at every step of the way with a personalized marketing approach. They’ll be your home’s best advocates, showcasing the property via professional photography, attentive staging and web prominence.

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