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Selling a HomeYou’ve made the BIG decision to sell your home. So what can you do to ensure your sale has every chance to succeed? List it with Janet Z Real Estate of course!

Janet Z does ALL the home-work.
The professionals at Janet Z know the dynamic world of real estate inside and out - and they know what sells fast and what can drag on in the MLS. They also know Web 2.0 and will use this to your advantage. In this Internet world, buyers come armed with purchase histories from Zillow®, and listings from Craig’s List and that’s why you need someone who ‘gets the web’ – like Janet Z Real Estate.

In addition, the professionals at Janet Z have put together a complete study of real estate marketing on the web and they’ve hired a marketing associate (a search optimization specialist) to work alongside them to ensure that your home is ‘found’ and showcased to its best advantage. Featured sale homes are highlighted right on Janet Z’s website’s home page. Plus sale properties are nicely detailed in the “Buying a Home” section.

Janet Z’s website maintains a portal into all the properties currently available in MLS Northern Colorado, searchable by criteria like:

  • Location
  • Type of home
  • Price range
  • # of bedrooms
  • # of garages
  • # of bathrooms
  • Property size

This is the easiest search system to use and it’s a customer favorite.

Thousands of potential buyers have searched for a home on this system in the last year, and of course, your home too will be included in the MLS listings for Fort Collins.



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